Let's talk about Brussels

During the event "Let's Talk about Brussels" we explore Brussels' structure, a city between endless opportunities and famous complexity. Introduction and debate with Flemish minister of Brussels Benjamin Dalle.

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Let's talk about Brussels

Tijd en locatie

29 mrt. 2021 20:00

online lecture

Over het evenement

Brussels. Governed by 1 regional government, 3 community bodies, 19 communes, 6 police districts. Two official languages. Institutional complexity is maybe even an understatement. 

Is this Brussels structure actually working? 

The question how to organise Brussels in future is important, especially now that we are moving towards a new state reform in Belgium and Brussels is in the middle of those debates. Minister Benjamin Dalle is the Flemish minister for Brussels and a recognised expert in constitutional law and federalism. After a short introduction by the Minister, we will have time for a debate on the future of Brussels.